Content Marketing. Definition, benefits and how it is used

Content marketing is a fundamental aspect of guaranteeing the success of any company or business. Whether you are a start-up business or a business that has been around for a while, understanding what this marketing strategy is all about and knowing how to implement it is critical to achieving your goals. So could you keep reading to know more about it?

What is content marketing?

It is a marketing strategy focused mainly on creating, publishing, and sharing relevant content with your target audience, using digital media (such as social networks, blogs, ebooks, etc.) and visual media (such as videos, quality images, etc.). All this is carried out with the primary objective of positioning ourselves in the market and offering our users/clients content that adds value.

It is estimated that approximately 9 out of 10 companies use a content marketing strategy. Its main attraction is that it allows the creation of valuable content at a lower cost than traditional marketing.

The main focus of content marketing is to be able to create valuable content for users. That is, content focused on answering doubts or questions that your target audience may have. This type of content will allow you to consolidate clients in the short, medium, or long term.

Likewise, it should be noted that content marketing and SEO are two strategies that go hand in hand. When generating relevant content, it is essential to put SEO knowledge into practice to position said content on the web.

How to do Content Marketing

Although it may seem difficult at first glance, doing content marketing is not that complicated, especially if you have the support of an agency specializing in this field.

The first thing you should do is set clear goals, plans, and focus. It is not only about publishing content, but it is essential to investigate and analyze things like who will read the content, what will be published, when it will be published, what goals will be achieved, what media will be used, etc.

To help you get a clearer idea of how to do content marketing, here are some tips:

1. Always work with clear goals

In the business world, every strategy is applied to achieve specific goals. And it is this goal that will become the starting point for any action.

A company or business may have several goals when implementing content marketing. For example, some want to attract new customers. Others want to retain the customers they already have, while others want to increase the number of visits to their website or successfully promote a product.

At this point, another fundamental aspect is that, regardless of your business goals, it’s essential to be measurable. This way, you will know whether your strategy is working or not.

2. Be clear about your target audience

Every business is focused on a specific audience, so you need to know what type of people you will be targeting before implementing any content marketing strategy. Once you know your target audience, the next thing to do is find out their preferences.

To clarify this point, we suggest you correctly define your buyer persona, i.e., the prototype of the client you are pursuing. You can start by determining characteristics like how old they are, their hobbies, what geographical area they are located in, what their needs are, what are they passionate about, what they share on the web, etc.

It would be best if you did some in-depth research on this; this way, you can develop a more effective strategy. You can use tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console, among others, to achieve this.

3. Watch your competitors

Just as you need to study your target audience, it is also vital that you study and analyze the competition. It gives you a reference point to implement your strategy and ideas to innovate and always be one step ahead.

Start by researching companies or businesses related to your sector. You can also answer questions like the content they publish, the main topics they cover, how they interact with users, what products and services they offer, etc.

Once you have completed this research, you can devise a strategy that will allow you to differentiate yourself. In addition, you can also learn from the mistakes made by your competitors.

4. Don’t underestimate planning

Knowing exactly what we have to do sometimes makes us make the mistake of thinking that planning is an optional step. But this is not true. Planning is essential to success in any field, and content marketing is no exception.

After you’ve done all your research, start planning. Decide what content you will use, do keyword research, choose suitable topics for your posts, and plan exactly when you will publish the content.

It is also essential to clearly define your relationship with your users, which digital channels and media you will present, what will be the tone of your publications, etc.

At this point, we also recommend that you create a publication calendar and clearly define the format of any content you share (whether it be articles for blogs, videos, newsletters, images, social networks, etc.).

5. Spend the time you need to create quality content

Today, users are increasingly demanding. Therefore, your content must be relevant and of high quality. To do so, the best thing you can do is have a content marketing agency with highly trained staff.

Likewise, the content you share must be original, optimized, and not contain any type of errors.

6. Constantly analyze the results

Content marketing is not only limited to publishing but also constantly analyzes the results obtained with a particular strategy. Doing this will allow you to improve daily, change important aspects, etc.

Please keep track of how many visits our content generates, analyze which keywords are positioning thanks to our blog articles, study what CTR our content has, update old content, and much more.

How to use Content Marketing

There are several ways to use content marketing; some of the main ones consist of using channels such as:


It is one of the channels most used by businesses since it allows people to publicize the products or services offered, position themselves organically on the web, attract potential customers (primarily through subscriptions), etc.

When using content marketing on your blog, the main focus is to provide relevant and attractive information so your audience can answer any questions and find answers to specific questions.

Social media

It could be said that practically everyone has a social network, so using content marketing on this type of channel will help you disseminate content effectively and establish a good relationship with users. Here you can use quality images or videos, specific messages, etc.

The main thing to remember when using content marketing on social networks is that each platform has its appeal, so you must adapt. For example, Instagram is a visual social network where images and short videos abound; while Twitter is used to share more specific information.
paid advertising

Using paid advertising will help you to have even more presence in the online world. Complementing this with other strategies, you can position yourself on the web and spread your content effectively.

Likewise, it is essential that when using content marketing in paid advertising, you try to be as concise as possible and use the correct keywords.

What are the benefits of Content Marketing for SMEs

If you correctly carry out a content marketing strategy, you can enjoy incredible benefits, such as:

  • Increase in qualified traffic on your website.
  • Position yourself effectively in the different search engines.
  • A more significant number of potential customers.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Market positioning.
  • Establish a brand identity.

These are just some of the advantages of implementing this type of strategy. So, don’t stop putting it into practice.

Budget for Content Marketing

Contrary to what many believe, implementing a content marketing strategy is less expensive than traditional marketing. The cost will depend on the following:

  • In which channels will you implement the strategies? For example, using Instagram is not the same as paying for ads. Without a doubt, doing the latter would increase the cost.
  • Type of content. Of course, making a video or designing an attractive image requires more time than writing a text, so the budget for content marketing will also vary depending on the published content type.
  • The agency you work with. Experience and professionalism have incomparable value, so depending on the agency you work with, the budget for content marketing can vary significantly.
  • Regardless of the cost of this type of service, the important thing is that you see content marketing as an investment that will generate good returns over time. In addition, you must have highly qualified personnel for this task.

We are a Content Marketing agency in Tenerife and have the experience to guarantee the best results. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you meet your business goals.

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