Discover how Facebook Ads can boost the sales and visibility of your SME

Do you know what one of the main advantages of Facebook Ads? is native advertising? The critical element is preventing the user experience in its navigability from being unaffected. Today we will see how Facebook Ads can boost sales and reputation in an SME.

If you need to increase visibility, position yourself as a benchmark in the sector and achieve your conversion goals, let this little guide on Facebook Ads show you its advantages.

An SME and any other type of project need a good tool that allows them to show their services and products to as many users as possible. Facebook Ads provides everything you need to complete it, and now you’ll see why.

What are Facebook Ads? We uncover the advertising giant

It is the marketing tool par excellence to reach more and better. We are discussing a powerful ad publishing system that will be displayed according to different parameters you will learn about later.

For an SME, it is crucial to be visible on the net. Today’s competition is so demanding and aggressive that it requires tools like this to gain a foothold within the infinite range of alternatives presented daily.

Facebook Ads was born at the hand of its leading supporter and social network, Facebook. With millions of users constantly interacting with the content published every minute, they make it the ideal choice.

Its objective is simple: Offer you the opportunity to reach more potential customers, convert to sales or gain a foothold in the referents of the network. It may seem eccentric, but if we know how to use it and get its full potential, we will have a good part of our guaranteed marketing strategy.

How do Facebook Ads work? Infinite possibilities

Its system solely and exclusively promotes ads through a bidding and segmentation system. That is why it is essential to know the fundamental aspects that will help us achieve the best results.

The small business sets up an ad, a link to its website, and a corporate profile on Facebook and even Instagram. It defines a series of parameters and determines which population segment it should target. Facebook Ads does the rest.

The message’s importance plays an essential role, especially if we want to obtain the user’s attention. It is where the ingenuity of each one of us comes into play to offer something beautiful for the future client.

  • Location. Launching an ad that deals with a specific destination will make users who browse in search of that area locate you.
  • Hashtags. All social networks use hashtags. We will use them to define precisely which word is the most suitable and popular to associate with your ad.
  • Video. The video has become the star element when attracting new customers, and it is time to launch a small advertising spot that impacts and makes the user vibrate.

Do you now see its potential? With a tool like Facebook Ads for small businesses, there will be no size or limitation that counts. You define a budget, upload the amazing content and launch the campaign. You will see the results!

Facebook Ads launches the ads on the social network itself. Still, it goes much further since it also does so via Instagram, another of the social platforms where most of the world’s social and commercial activity is recorded.

Facebook Ads for local businesses and small businesses

Business giants have unlimited resources to invest in entire teams of marketing professionals who, while having much more impact and options, also use Facebook Ads within their strategies. Curious, right?

Now imagine the potential it has for local businesses, small SMEs and all kinds of minor projects in which we need all the ingenuity and creativity possible to move the business forward.
Define the objective of your campaign

As soon as you start configuring the promotional campaign with Facebook Ads, you can define the objective you want to achieve since not everything is reduced to a sale.

  • Increase presence. Your image will appear advertised so that the network user can know what you offer and have the opportunity to become a follower.
  • Increase in web traffic. A good advertisement makes the user interested, click and come to your page in search of more information.
  • Greater interaction. The content you have just published on your Facebook or Instagram profile can be promoted, so spreading it through the network will increase its virality.
  • Closeness. The ads also promote the customer-company bond. They will launch questions and share the ad’s content, which the company can value positively by thanking it.
  • Direct sale. Facebook Ads are also crucial for businesses such as eCommerce and online stores that want a promotion or advertisement so compelling that it allows the user to click and buy the product or service you offer.

A few years ago, the Facebook Ads system would be unthinkable. Gathering all these advantages in a single tool has meant a before and after in the way of selling and convincing.

Target your ads to the customer you want

The good thing about Facebook Ads comes when we enter the ad configuration panel. In addition to defining what objectives you want to achieve that you know very well, you will also have an exciting option.

Do you know the segmentation? This utility allows your ad to be shown to users who are interested in a particular product or hobby.

That is not to mention its geolocation. From this control panel in which we define the segmentation, we will establish the necessary parameters so that the ad is only displayed towards a specific sector; under 35 years of age, surf lovers or simply citizens of a particular region of the world.

Set your budget

The good thing about Facebook Ads is that you decide how much to spend and how. And based on the first results, try to increase the investment to achieve a higher return and conversion.

Each ad has a specific duration that you can reconfigure, as well as the amount you are willing to pay for each interaction with the user. At all times, you can see the cost that is assumed and, in case of success, continue expanding it.

Analysis of results

Facebook Ads offers you metrics and data related to the results of your campaigns at all times, which audiences or audiences are performing better, which ads are giving you the greatest return on investment and much more.

All this information allows you to control your campaign entirely so that you can decide what changes to implement and how to improve the profitability of your audiences and your ads.

Facebook Ads as the ideal method to attract more customers

If we focus a little more on the needs of a small business, an SME that has just started and what it needs is to increase its customer base, here it is possible to achieve it.

So many options for personalizing the ad will allow you to focus on a specific audience, on the part of society interested in your products. Launching yourself and showing them that your business is what they need is just a matter of establishing yourself.

The key is ingenuity and creativity to deliver something wholly eye-catching and impactful, an ad that piques your interest when you see it on the screen.

Millions of medium and small businesses rely on this Facebook utility to promote themselves on the network and on Instagram. We cannot forget that both are part of the same group. Something that interests us a lot.

Differences between Facebook Ads and Google Ads

70% of digital advertising is distributed between both platforms. Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Both are interesting when it comes to including them in our marketing strategy, but they do not work in the same way and do not offer the same results.

We will choose one or the other depending on the objective we have for our small business, although they can be combined perfectly. However, the ad budget will increase considerably.

Facebook Ads focuses on the interaction of the user of social networks with your ad. At the same time, Google Ads will insert that same ad on other platforms such as Gmail, Google’s search or on a web page that works as an Adsense affiliate, the face opposed to the advertiser.

Elements such as cost per click or segmentation influence both tools’ budgets. However, Google Ads does require more technical knowledge if we want to get good results.

Both platforms use the behaviours and interactions of users with their respective media to generate the most detailed segmentations possible.

Facebook Ads has a vast universe of users with which to segment and impact distributed among platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Audience Network.
If you want your business to prosper and gain customers, Facebook Ads

It is the first and most complete step to interact with the user, an essential aspect in these times. Social networks are the epicentre of online traffic.

Configuring ads in Facebook Ads is easy, as defining and studying them is much more. Its interface is intuitive and for an SME, rest assured that Facebook Ads is one of the best currently available options.

In addition, small investments can be made to test what content best reaches the user. You will not need excessive spending that does not guarantee good results.

Rest assured that with Facebook Ads, sales and followers will increase considerably. Now it’s just a matter of getting to work and checking it out yourself.

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