Some SEO tools for SMEs at zero cost

Having learned about the advantages of SEO for your SME and taking into account some tips to improve the position of your website in search engines, here is a list of free tools that will allow you to improve your SEO.

1. Google My Business

As mentioned before, this tool is essential for doing local SEO. Best of all, it’s free, so you can register your business today and start enjoying the benefits.

2.Google Analytics

With this tool you can analyze the performance of your page. Although it’s free, it’s still robust and pairs well with other Google tools like Data Studio, Search Console, and Google Optimize.

3. Google Search Console

Perhaps this is the most useful free tool of all, and it allows you to know how Google classifies and crawls your website. Also, here you can get accurate and reliable data on keywords to incorporate into your content.

Likewise, every time you update the content of your website, it is advisable to index it through this useful and necessary tool.

4. Link Redirect Trace

This tool will allow you to index your website. It is a Chrome extension, and with it you can get information about: link metrics, HTTP headers, rel-canonicals, etc.

In conclusion

SEO for SMEs is a constant optimization and research work, but its benefits are surprising. Do not hesitate to put into practice the advice and recommendations that we have given you in this article. Thus, your company will soon grow in relevance, improving its visibility in search results and it will be able to consolidate itself in the market.

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