Technology solutions and wine… can they be combined?

Digital transformation is present in all areas of life, making it strange to find activities where technology doesn’t play a significant role in recording, commenting on, or sharing what’s being done. The wine world is no exception, as it is a caring sector immersed in constant change, which requires technological tools to facilitate its day-to-day life. Winemaking at the winery is controlled thanks to a series of devices, applications, sensors, and programs that enable reliable data to be obtained, saving time and money.

However, new technologies are tools for easy business control and administration and provide solutions for end consumers. In this sense, technology allows consumers endless uses concerning the world of wine, such as understanding special terms and finding information about different types of wine and the food that goes with them; identifying selected wines; recognizing wine labels by scanning them, allowing you to quickly get ratings, comments and taste notes for a particular wine; favorite list wines, with tasting notes; or find where to buy wine nearby, via geolocation.

In particular, tastings aim to explain wines, get participants’ opinions, and establish consumption guidelines. With the help of technological tools readily available on smartphones, enjoyable experiences can be designed, inquiring about the wines being tasted and their organoleptic properties, as well as more social issues, enabling relevant information to be obtained both for the winery and for the tasting participants.

Has developed a mobile application called CATAPP that allows recording of the wine tasting process, enhancing participants’ experience and, in turn, providing possibilities for wineries, restaurants, and produce shops; relevant information and statistics to know your customers better.

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